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Mine is an unknown Harmony model, dreadnought size, natural color with a black pickguard. I have enjoyed many hours just messing around with this thing, recording stupid punk songs and playing around the campfire. I enjoy all kinds of music, but my playing ability is pretty much confined to strumming chords and occasional bluesy rock licks.

It came from a garage sale for $20. It was my then-girlfriend (now wife)'s guitar, and I sort of commandeered it because she never played. It has scratches all over, small cracks, and a nasty dent where I accidentally smashed it. But, I can't walk past it without picking it up and playing a song.

It has a warm sound, and a rugged personallity. It is the kind of guitar you take with you. I don't keep it in a case at home, it lives on the couch and is thus played often. I have tried out new guitars in the store many times and have been disapointed that they don't sound as good as my old beater. My intonation and frets are right-on, unlike a lot of new, cheap Chinese guitars.

I set up the action myself when I replaced the nut and bridge saddle, and I am not a pro so it is probably a bit higher than it should be. The tuners are old and worn, so I generally have to reel in the E and B strings a touch every time I pick it up. It also has a lot of cosmetic flaws, including damage I mentioned earlier and some housepaint that my inlaws dripped on it while painting. The soundhole rosette is partly worn off from picks.

To have survived everything this guitar has been through, it must have been built pretty well.

Keep your gold-brimmed expensive case queen guitars, this is a true player's axe that has payed its dues.

Elliot rated this unit 4 on 2009-01-07.

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