Harmony 02802 Reviews 4

I got it for christmas at JCPENNEY's. it comes with an amp, cord,shoulder strap, strings and gig bag. the total was $199.99. i bought it because i needed a good beggining guitar for a low price.

it has a nice body.Exactly like the fender statocaster but the price. i chose sunburst but they had different colors as white, red, and black.

the only dis-likes was that it came with a small amp. it was good 6-watt quality amp with one over-drive channel butit was simply too small for me. other than that it is a fine beggining guitar for the price.

It has 1 volume control knobs and 2 tone knobs.It is 39 inches long.it has a sparkling pick guard. the head-stock looks a little different from the statocaster but it looks better than any other statocaster-looking guitars.

over all this is one of the best beggining guitars out there!

okinawan dude rated this unit 4 on 2003-01-02.

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