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i bought this guitar from a friend of mine who had pretty much never used it. He bought it to try it in a band but ended up playing a different instrment instead. He heard that was looking for a guitar so he told me he had one i could buy and for to check it out. I didnt know hardly anything about guitars at the time so i checked it out and i wanted one badly and it was a good price so i bought it. I paid him 100 bucks for it with a small practice amp, cord, a strap, and a gig bag. I had to restring it and the guys at my local music store said it might be a hard one to learn on but didn't care. The strings were high so we lowered the action all the way to help somewhat and it had a bad rattle whenever it was strummed. we tightened the tuning knobs and it reduced the rattle to almost zero. I have had the guitar for probably 6-8 months now and i am buying a new one. I hate it.

It's lightweight and the neck feels pretty solid while i play.

Almost everything about it. the fretboard is terrible. the frets are unevenly raised and some frets rattle becasue while you press it down it barely touches the next fret and rattles. it is a slow neck that is hard to move around on quickly. It does not stay in tune well at all. The pickups are terrible they make no good sounds. the strings are high and you have to work to et them down after about the ninth fret. the Tone and volume knobs serve no purpose or jsut dont work, i hear no change when i turn the tone knob, and the volume knob goes from off at zero to on at one and from one to ten it sounds the same.

The body is made alright but I dont like the fretboard and the frets are not put on well at all.

Overall this guitar sucks!! do not buy it. it works for just something to play but i would not pay money to buy one of these. If this rating scale had a zero thats what i would choose but I will have to settle for a one.

AWill rated this unit 1 on 2003-01-02.

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