Harmony Marquis Lead II Copy Reviews 3

Yeah, been at it awhile!

Bought it used off of an Ebay seller used. These guitars from Harmony were issued btwn 80-83 in the JC Penney's Catalogs. They were sold then for $99.99. Hondo used to make a "Professional" Series guitar similiar to the Fender Lead Series. Hondo had their copies of the Fender Lead 1 and 2 models. The Lead One was a 3/4 size Fender with 2 cutaways, more sharp than a Strat but not quite like an SG. The Lead 1 had 1 humbucker, hardtail bridge, 1 volume and 1 tone control, 1 silver 3 way pickup switch, and an "out of phase" switch. The Lead 2 had 2 single coils, and same other features like the Lead 1. 3/4 size body. Fun to play. Hondo same dimensions. This Harmony, same dimensions, 2 single coils, but 2 switches for each pickup for on/off only. No fancy out of phase. Pretty thin body. Feels like a First Act guitar from WalMart. Bought it out of nostalgia.

Well, the size makes it easy to play. Thin neck is fun to play, race up/down the fretboard. Can play some slide with it. Sounds alright, considering it's age, and all.

It's a beater, and has been beaten around with. Cosmetically, ugh! And the tuners are the cheap old school ones usually found on older Harmony beginners models. Strangely enough, it does keep in tune decent. Wouldn't upgrade to Sperzels, but some Pings might do it.

It's a plywood body. Overall, a cheap guitar. But like said, bought it for nostalgia purposes.

I'll keep it and bang away on it. Won't lose sleep if it's lost, stolen (what?) or otherwise. Just a beater! That's it.......

Jiver rated this unit 3 on 2008-03-29.

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