Harmony Sovereign Electric Reviews 4

Got for $40 CDN off a friend, then spent $40 CDN setting it up afterwards at a music shop. Likes the look, feel and tone of the instrument. Just so we know what we're dealing with - this is the guitar on the Switchfoot album cover, and the Fall used it on their earlier albums.

Entire thing is black - fretboard, body, headstock, nobs, pickups. Very punk guitar. Neck is "baseball bat" type - something to hold, not super thin like a Strat neck, made from particle board. Strings very well in tune and intoned. Good for heavy guage strings like GHS Zakk or TNT Boomers. Sweet tone for slide and perfect for distortion - hot Strat-style-single-coil pickups. Great for Drop-or-Open D tuning because of high tension. Original body shape, like inverted Fender Jaguar. Very thin body made from cheaper wood or particle board.

Wiring can't take a lot of punk theatrics (jumping around, throwing the guitar in the air, etc.) and comes undone, which is frustrating, embarrassing, and somewhat costly to fix.

As stated, entire thing in fair-quality black finish. Entire body made from particle board.

Very good guitar, sweet for punk and blues. A true Kurt Cobain/White Stripes special.

Andrew Maxwell rated this unit 4 on 2004-09-03.

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