Hartke 3500 Mosfet Head Reviews 1

Hartke 3500 Mosfet Head

I bought this from a friend for $200

Very loud, I never have to turn it up past 3. Effects loop and direct out are nice features.

Lousy tone, equalizer is worthless, both the pre-amp and compressor are a joke. There is too much midrange at almost any setting, and it is also pretty noisy. I put it though Hartke a 4.5xl and a 1.15xl cab with a music man stingray and still failed to get a good sound.

Lights flicker on and off, knobs fall off, and the input is all messed up. This head MUST be kept in a rack for it to survive.

I have had very bad luck with this amp almost everthing was mediocre at best You might as well pay a few hundred dollars more for a real amp.

rob rated this unit 1 on 2003-02-11.

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