Hartke 410A Cabinet Reviews 4

I baught this cab from samash.com for $320 with a $70 shipping fee. It came about 3 weeks after expected. Dissopointed with Samash.

The it a very powerfull cabinet with a lot of puch for not a ver hefty price. It is a great starter cab and is more than what you would need at 400watts. Recomened for a beginer but not for a very searous bass player looking to play shows of more than 300 or so people. Great if you're playing in your first band or a somewhat small band.

This cabinet is not great for searous bass player looking to play lots of low bass lines. It doesn't sound great when playing on the lowest string.

Well contstructed. Heavy duty outside with a somewhat strong grill.

Great cabinet, great price but not the best if you're looking to play huge shows.

Mark rated this unit 4 on 2003-12-18.

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