Hartke Model 2000 Bass Amplifier Reviews 5

I purchased this powerful amp from a good friend, that also plays bass. After reviewing, searching, and trying out other amps in its class, I settled on this awesome unit. I sacrificed a long time waiting this out, because my friend just mentioned one time that he might want to sell it! After borrowing it a half dozen times or so, to rehearse and play a gig, he finally succumbed to my wishes, and pleas to sell it to me. He finally saved enough money to get another amp he had his eye on, and I iced his decision by showing him some cash, to complete the amount he was needing. I stole this amp from him for a mere $300. It has the sound and power to cut through the drums,and hold that fat bottom end. I didn't see this particular model for under $600 anywhere. Although I'm elated with the amount I spent, it would still be worth most of the asking prices it's going for online, and in catalouges. 200 WATTS / 2115 Combo

The complete package of having 200watts in a combo, and Hartkes trademark aluminum cone driver.

The Compression knob,,I just don't have a use for it!!!

Solid as a Rock, It's nice and heavy, telling me that it has some balls ! The heavier the Balls, The Harder the Rock!!!

I played an outdoor gig recently at Arizona State Univ.and I had no trouble keeping up with the guitarists Marshall Half Stacks.

Vince Pileggi rated this unit 5 on 2003-11-01.

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