Hartke Transporter 210 Cab Reviews 4

I bought this at 'the bass centre' in London. I needed another 8 ohm cab to go with my hartke vx115 to get the full power out of my amp (hartke HA 3500. I also felt that my rig would benifit from a little more punch.

When i first played through it with the band, i was suprised at how much more the bass came through with the extra mid range and punch from the 2 10" speakers and because the speakers are aluminium you get a bit more clarity than the standard speakers too.

On it's own, this cab still has the punch but lacks the bottom end. With the vx115 i can get the bottom end and the punch. If you were thinking of buying this as a single cab, i would not recommend it. It can distort a little because i have quite alot of low frequency on my EQ but this only happens when a high volumes and plus its only supposed to handle 150 watts.

Construction is good except for one of the speakers tends to rattle a litlle but that is just a factory fault.

This cab is very good with a bottom cab such as a 115, especially for the price. It give good punch and high's but not alot of low end. If you are thinking of getting this to add to your 1x15 then i would definatly reccomend it!

Chris Dagger rated this unit 4 on 2003-06-27.

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