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I acquired my custom logo bass drum head directly from the manufacturer at www.headfirst-online.com. A couple years ago I was in the market for a custom logo bass drum head. I wasnít looking for anything crazy. I simply wanted the name of my band on my front bass drum head. It had to be tasteful and professional in appearance. The vinyl letter look was not the way to go. I didnít know where to look until stumbling across an article in MD. I looked at each company mentioned and chose Head First as the information on the Head First website seemed straightforward and their prices seemed to be the best value as well. I paid approximately $125 for a custom 22" head which included some design / artwork performed for me based upon a written description of what I wanted.

I like the look of a custom logo drum head, especially when it has the name of the group. Itís a great marketing tool. Whenever someone is watching my band perform they know the name of our group and it helps get more work. Although I prefer a solid front head, I had them put a hole in the head to make micing slightly easier. They can put the whole wherever I want it and make it whatever size I want it. It's much easier than trying to do it yourself. I also like the fact that you don't see the name of the drum head anywhere. It doesn't say Evans EQ3, Remo Powerstroke 3, etc. on the head. It's completely blank just waiting for your ideas.

My main complaint is my own fault. I primarily use a Sonor kit and I think it was a mistake to have the Sonor name and logo put on the head. It seemed like a good idea at first but I won't do it next time. I have a couple Sonor kits and a couple Pearl kits and from time to time I like to pull out one of my Pearl kits. Iím stuck using the custom head with my Sonor kits unless I want SONOR on the front of my Pearl bass drum (and I don't want that). Also, Iíve been getting some call work from another band around town that needs a fill-in from time to time. They like the look of my main Sonor kit and asked me to use that kit. I don't mind but I have to remove the head because it has the name of my band. I noticed a few air bubbles developing after taking the head on and off repeatedly. The bubbles smooth right out, but it would probably be best to just leave the head on the kit as much as possible instead of taking it on and off too many times.

The finished product is of very high quality. I don't know exactly how it's made, but it seems to start as a single ply black or white head which is silk screeened and then covered with a clear mylar. I'd say the final product is similar to an Evans EQ3 or a Remo Powerstroke 3...but better!

Definitely the way to go if you're looking for a custom bass drum head. Check out their website for lots of cool ideas. You can go with the name of your band, your name or some far out design. I'd only put the brand name of your kit on the head if you intend to keep that kit or stick with that brand for a while.

John G. rated this unit 1 on 2004-07-16.

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