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Haight Ashbury Music Center. Where the people are really friendly. I forgot my pick and the guys there are totally friendly. They offered me a pick and were super helpful. (Black) $150!!

Playability. The sound is amazing. Better than units that cost 2 or 3 times more. The sound is deep and even. Strumming the higher strings produces a brilliant crisp tone. The lower strings make a rumbling that you immediately notice. The sustain and projection of this guitar is amazing! For $150.00 US? My girlfriend that knows nothing about music knew the minute I played it I got a new axe.

Looks. I initially liked the sound of this guitar but shunned it due to its being so cheap. I shopped all over SF trying to spend between $200-350. I played dozens of guitars but I eventually returned to the Haight and gave the little Hohner another shot. I fell in love. The axe has no real weakness tonally. Of course it is not a Martin but try playing one and you will see what I mean. Why pay more? First impressions are important.

Right up there with my 28year old Yamaha FG140. Machine heads are crappy cheapo knock offs with the tin covers but they seem to hold tune and are smooth, with even takeup. Black finish is perfect. The looks grow on you once you hear it play.

Ultimately strumable. You just don't want to put it down. This little quitar needs to come with a hard case to make it a better value and some white inlay around the f-hole to spruce up appearance to match the warm sounds. The finish alone is worth protecting. You will want a couple of these quality guitars to keep around. They really sound that GOOD. Check out the blue ones.

Bill rated this unit 5 on 2004-01-08.

This unit was bought at my local music shop... I actually had a connection at the shop and got it at cost (I am not at liberty to mention the price), but let me say that it was worth every penny.

This guitar is a well buit guitar that produces a quality sound and tone, when compared to the higher end guitars that are out there...I own two honer countryman guitars (the sunburst and transparent black) along with a high-end custom shop Fender Acoustic Electric. I find that I enjoy playing the Honers just as much as my fender. The quality of the sound are so similar... the Fender is slightly deeper in tone and slightly crisper. But for beginners and intermediate players these guitars are worth the bucks.

This Honer guitar is a great guitar pack with quality (not top of the line) features such as enclosed tuning machines. I think that the neck is comfortable to play and easy on the hands. The color selection for the price range is unmatched by any company including Fender and Squire (by Fender). The colors are cool, the transparent black is sweet!

The guitar is not a solid top; however, that did not stop me from buying two of them. This is a great guitar to have around the house, office or studio to jam around with when you want to play. I think that the overall quality of this guitar is top dog for the price range... if you can't afford the Taylor's (that's most of us) you should buy this one.

Here's the deal... you can't get a better guitar for your money! I would like to see any manufacture place this kind of guitar in this price range with the options such as color. I don't care that it's not a solid top guitar, it sounds great and looks great too! So... heres the challenge to Fender, Deane, Ibanez, offer a great guitar with the features of the Honer in this price range! I guarentee your not going to get it!

GuitarMAN rated this unit 5 on 2003-11-30.

I bought this guitar from my local music store in England. I bought this simply because i wanted to begin to play guitar and learn on an acoustic. It cost next to nothing, a steal at 70 ($100).

The unit is a robust guitar, i'm not sure if it's a dreadnought. It is lite yet solid and you can play it hard, if you wan't. It clean sounds are produced and it's lasted me a long time and still looks great!

Now and again the string buzz when get to the higher frets, but thats expected from an acoustic....right?

As i said before big, strong and lite, everything a guitar should be.

A great (but no mind-blowingly stupendous) guitar for intermediates who like to just pick up and play.

Neowens rated this unit 4 on 2003-04-19.

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