Hohner Baton Rouge Reviews 5

I bought this axe of ebay for 200$. I already had a Hw440 acoustic/elec and was pleased by its sound so i figured I might as well buy another Hohner.

It plays very well for a 200 dollar guitar. My friend has LP studio and he said it's about the same, with a little higher action. Great sound, easy to play and good tuners.

Only has 2 knobs. Volume and tone. Nothing really not to like.

This thing comes with to standard humbuckers, a fixed bridge, tone volume control and a 3 postion switch. The body is a cherry sunburst that resembles the LP style. The neck is amazing! Maple with a rosewood fretboard, it's very fast. the frets are laid out well, with no edges to rub on. The tuners hold their well also.

Sounds great, cheap and looks like 600 bucks, whats not to like?

Matt Wilson rated this unit 5 on 2002-03-27.

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