Hohner Colorama Reviews 5

I have played for about 35 years on electric and accoustics mostly fingerpicking ... I write and record my own stuff and just enjoy the music

I bought this in a bit of a sad state in sunderland a lot of years ago for what ammounts to pennies. Once i had resoldered the internal leads and sorted the stringing out I found it survived well.

This guitar is heading (like me) towards the half century and it keeps on going. It looks the part and has a unique warm but growly sound... I guess I am just used to it.. it's a friend.

It has s strange neck very thick and rather narrow too, and the pickups are fixed in one place, like two lumps of anthracite (coal!). I wouldnt say i dont like that.. but i feel i have to write something here

It's three foot of german plywood... it must have been well put together or it wouldnt be this old and playable

It is a unique piece of wood... probably a japanese copy would be better but this has history...

ageing guitarperson rated this unit 5 on 2006-03-14.

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