Hohner Electric SG Copy Reviews 4

I've got an old Hofner solid it's a gibson s.g. copy. It's had a hard life, but it plays like a dream. The arm is so thin,it's amazing and it never go's out of tune. I have also got a Gibson s.g.and while it is a beautiful guitar in it's own right, the hofner,I think, just has the edge.I bought it 10yrs ago from a now defunct guitar shop, and I think I paid 65 for it.

Everything I say about it in the above paragraph and more. The guitar must be about 45 yrs old and for it's time ,the design, and build quality is amazing.

Truthfully, for it's age, very little to complain about.

Excellent for it's time. The whammy bar and block perform better than most modern guitars

a really nice guitar of it's time to own I will probably never sell it,because it is now fast becoming a rarity and a joy to get out every now and again and play.

Ron McCarthy rated this unit 4 on 2001-06-27.

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