Hohner LG250X Reviews 2

I bought this Wittstadt Music in Wuerzburg, Germany. It was a Christmas present for my teenage son. It was on a special sale. I paid in German marks, but the price was equal to about $200 American dollars. It looked very nice. It's a Les Paul clone, jet black.

The appearance is very nice. When it's clean, the gloss black finish is beautiful. It's solidly built. Has double humbuckers with an easy to reach toggle switch and separate volume and tone controls for each pickup. The action is low and fast.

The worst thing is the tuning. Regardless of whether we tune each string separately with an electronic tuner, or whether we tune just string 1 or 6, then tune the other strings to that one, it never sounds right. The meter will say each string is right on, yet when we strum a standard E, A or C chord, there is always one or two notes off in each chord. The store where I bought it went out of business, so I tried to contact Hohner. They have a web site, but no information on how to call or email for assistance. It seems that they do not care about customer service and assistance. Also the gloss black finish shows every finger print very clearly. It is hard to keep it looking good.

Seems well built. Things fit together well, binding is smooth, no big gaps around the pickups, tuners have a smooth, easy action. It's fairly heavy, about 8 pounds.

I doubt I would buy another one. It's pretty, but not very playable since the tune is always slightly off. Mostly show with little go!

Stone rated this unit 2 on 2001-12-11.

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