Hohner Les Paul LX 250 Reviews 3

I got this guitar in 1993 in England. It was cheap than, about 100 . I liked the les paul style, and this unit had an affordable price.

It was one of my starting guitars. It looked cool, it was black. It's good for a staring guitar, and it has a comfortable neck. It served me nearly 10 years.

It's a cheap unit, so don't expect a professional Les Paul sounding. It has a bucket sound, not so clean. The frets aren't ok, some frets give fake sound. ( Once I droped, so it can be my fault.. sorry)

It's solid, and heavy. Once it fell from a chair, landed on the face of the neck. A real Gibson surely would broke. Pickup switch might be changed in every unit, it's quality is crappy, fortunately it's not expensive.

Good starting guitar with a comfortable neck.

El Rabloczky rated this unit 3 on 2003-01-13.

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