Hohner Revelation HRG DLX II Reviews 5

While considering upgrading my Squier Strat, a visit to American Music in Ventura CA convinced me that this would be like putting a $40 saddle on a $10 horse. The Hohner had all the good upgrade hardware for less than the price of the parts alone. Paid $400

24 fret neck is nice for riffing and visual reference with scales. Plays like a dream. Versatile in its ability to shred or become more streetable with the flip of a switch and/or pull of a coil tapping knob. Has Santana-like sustain that goes on for days. Once tuned, stays that way despite furious string bending and tremolo use

doesn't quite project like a strat due to its long neck and smallish neck to body joint but the sustain more than makes up for this. Hard to get into tune initially.

Alder body and neck. Neck has the inlaid thumb "bar" found on more expensive units. Rosewood fingerboard. First quality hardware. Electric seem robust, but the unit is too new to be sure.

Great value for money. Compares well to all but the top of the line guitars costing thousands more.

Guido the godfather rated this unit 5 on 2004-03-28.

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