Hohner Rockwood Pro Rp250 Reviews 4

I needed a guitar to start playing and I needed a cheap stuff not a too expensive guitar and I buy this one for a friend just for the nice price of US$65 just because he really needed to sell it...

I really like it's shape (les paul standard copy) wich has very nice details, the sound have a good sustain but not compared to more expenseve guitars, the pickups are just fine, but i'm absolute shure that a couple of EMG wold make this guitar be between a stock Epiphone les paul and a Gibson Les Paul.

The headstock it's cheap you easyly get out of tune sometimes, the knobs are kind of ugly, the string are too high from the neck but i think it's fine for a les paul...the think I hated the most was the goddamned strap buttons cause i drop my guitar once and screw totally the jack afortunatly it keeped working so I just replaced the piece that hold it I think it was the strap's fault

I really like the sound of this guitar it has two humbuckers so you get a nice sound with a lot of warm bass so if you like things like led zepp or gary moore or slash this definately has to be your first guitar i'm quite shure it's heavy so you know you have a guitar on your shoulders the sound with a good overdrive it's really warm but don't expect a deep sound after the 12 fret cause i guess you'll get really dissapointed, the sound fades quickly after the 12 fret but it's not so annoying with great gain you won't have too much troubles. As I said the body is Heeeavy, but

It's one of the best guitars you can get while you starting the brand new one cost US$200 approx so it's cheep sound good for the price and it's damn nice... and you can buy it new pickups new frets and you will have an amazing new guitar i'll bet it

Oz rated this unit 4 on 2004-01-15.

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