Hohner Rockwood ST-59 Reviews 4

This is a second hand guitar that I bought. It was my first, and I got the full deal.. leather strap, plectrums, leads, amp.. all for about 100. The amp I got with it is a Ross RG10, check out my review for that cos thats immense!!

I think its a great first guitar, and I still have it, mostly using it for different tunings and keeping my other ones in standard tuning. Its got a nice feeling to it, it just feels really solid. Ive played a lot of guitars and I still like to have a go on my old hohner.

To be honest its quite heavy, one of the most heavy Ive played. Its also quite worn and the vibrato system is getting a bit worn.

Its nice and sturdy, has a bolt on maple neck so like i said.. its heavy. But thats not all that makes it heavy; the body is thick and strong, it gives a nice tone. But then again, its another strat copy, so cannot live up to the realy thing... im not bothered because I hate Strats!

nice first guitar, good to have around. Solid build, nice tone.. etc Basically, I dont need this guitar so much because ive moved on to bigger better ones.. kinda. Nevertheless, its still my old guitar, and would never want to get rid of it.

Cheezse327 rated this unit 4 on 2004-03-06.

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