Hohner Rockwood Strat Copy Reviews 5

I bought this guitar for $150 on eBay (they sent me the wrong item. I ordered a Vox 15w Pathfinder amp, but they sent me this hunk of s***.)

It looks okay, but as you can see above, the name doesn't deserve capital letters.

Well, where should I begin? It sounds like crap, plays like crap, has a crappy finish, and it feels like it's made of lead. I don't like the way this guitar was designed. It's like a Rogue--only I'm thankful that Rogue doesn't make guitars. It fell apart on me--literally. I was playing it, and the neck snapped. Then, I realized that the "truss rod" was just a screw that was made for allen wrenches. Like I mentioned before, it plays like crap. The action is the worst I've ever seen! The strings at the 12th fret were a full centimeter off the strings!

Like I said before, it's crappy. It fell apart on me. It's worse than a Rogue. I'm just lucky that I don't buy Rogue. However, I'm pissed that I couldn't take the guitar back...stupid eBay.

This guitar is crap with a capital "k".

Brad Irwin rated this unit 5 on 2003-02-07.

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