Hohner RW50RC Reviews 5

Searched for months for this amp after playing on my brother's friends. Eventually tracked one down (friend of a friend style!) for $800

Ummm....everything! ok in more detail, obviously as everyone will tell you, the chorus is amazing, overdrive is classic and versatile and it sounds good clean with my tele as well! I'm lucky enough to have bought it off someone who didn't realise the full value of the amp with foot switch. Hence I paid roughly $400 less than i expected!

Some people, particularly the new breed of marshall mg-lovers, dont like the styling. But those with true taste (and perhaps a bit more money!) can see it sits on a par with a classic fender vintage anyday!

After years of use, it hasn't faded one bit. Sturdy, very heavy design, kind of re-assuring!

Its a beautiful, rare beast that deserves to be more highly recognized. If you like a classic rock sound with unmistakeable chorus, yet u dont want to follow the herd, this is for you.

Greg Turkish rated this unit 5 on 2004-03-07.

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