Hondo 748 Les Paul Copy Reviews 5

I bought this guitar in Virginia brand new in 1983 or so, I've had it over 20 yrs now. I think the price was about 189.00 with case

I see several reviews here written by what I asume are punkers who bought a guitar to trash it. the hondo guitars they had mentioned had bent necks ,wouldnt tune etc.. this has NOT been my experience, The 748 series is a fine looking guitar. mine happens to have a clear coat burgundy flame arch top, with a tiger maple top, so you see the wood grain through the finish,looks awsome. with cream trim and pearl inlay on the frets nicely chromed hardware, and holds a tune for a month or more, rosewood neck.It plays great! thin neck, very fast. all in all a very classy looking guitar.

the bad rep that hondo apparently has as being a cheep guitar, This is the only Hondo I've ever had. so I cant say much about others experience. But obviously they also made some great guitars too. If your looking at one, check it out yourself, if its straight and plays well, the heck with everyone elses opinion.

I already went over the cosmetics. as I said I,ve had it 20 yrs now. fit and feel are great!I have never had to have it tweeked or adjusted at a shop. It holds a tune great. great action. fantastic sound. great feel. and looks better than a lot of 750.00 and up gibsons I've seen

I cant speak about the newer Hondos. But I'm always looking for guitars of the same era and modle # as this one. People are always amazed how little I paid for it. and that it's a Hondo. If I find one I'll probibly buy it and start a home for great guitars that don't get enough respect. I love this one.

Hondo lover rated this unit 5 on 2004-03-20.

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