Hondo 935 W A Reviews 3

Bought for 35 in early 1980s, from a work mate hard up for cash, I though it looked good & for 35 hey.

After cleaning it up & taking time to set the bridge adjusters, re set some of the frets. Some where sticking up & not finished off. I have dusted it off again still plays great all the metal was finished off in gold. I am now rebuilding it now replacing the gold plated fitting. When i bought it the covers for the pickups had been taken off, now replacing with proper humbckers with gold plated covers. Looking for betters control knobs, t

When i bought it the covers for the pickups had been taken off. Looking for betters control knobs, to finish off. Wish jack socket was on the side.

Overall quite good even if I had bought new at the time,It would still have been value for money. As it was second hand it needing setting up properly. But construction is good & playability is good action now brill, the neck has no signs of degregation or misalignment.

Good looking unit, weight distribution good, playability good. Intend to keep, I should really treat it to a good quality hard case. Now with new gold fitting been put on & a good polish up looks nice Would like to find out more about this model i.e. when on sale originally price, an sale lit etc. Reards BJW

Brian J W rated this unit 3 on 2004-08-29.

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