Hondo Fame Series 761 Reviews 4

Hi all. Iwas at an auction and saw this guitar the mirrored scratch plate had been cracked but i new i could make another one which i have done it looks cool now back to factory original. I paid $120 australian for it which i thought was a good deal the strings were all rusted also so it had been left unattended for some timethe body is in great condition almost new could anyone tell me how much this piece is really worth

the unit is so tidy and solid and the frett board is as straight as anyone could possibly get . also the shape of the bodyis so cool and easy to hols also it has some pinstripe crossing over each other over the black body ,and double humbuckers which is a great feature

cant fault it in anyway shape or form

the construction is solid,and well manufactured

all up one hell of a guitar

hondo fame series 761 rated this unit 4 on 2004-03-20.

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