Hondo Professional 2 Reviews 5

I found this guitar as a bargin on ebay. i eventuallu payed 45 for it and so far i havent regreted it.

what i love about this guitar is that the sound it produces is so pure. i have played my mates les paul and i cant tell the difference between the sound and i have been playing for 11 years now. i also like the fact that there is an extra switch that allows the neck humbucker to sould like a single coil. the acoustic sound is amazing with this active

well........it tends to go out of tune very quickly but i think that this is just because of the shitty machine heads. part from that everything is perfect. the neck is straight and the pots are fine.

this guitar is built like a brick shithouse. it weighs a ton but that ust gives the impression that you are holding a real guitar. it feeels quality

all in all this is a fu**in great guitar. i have owned it for about 9 months now and the only problem is the machine heads which i will replace with grovers as soon as i can get some money together. if you see a hondo for sale, BUY IT. it is the best budget guitar i ever have played. ps. if you have any information to the origins of the hondo professional 2 range then please contact me

Slayerofsaints rated this unit 5 on 2004-04-28.

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