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I walked into my local Guitar Center just after cashing my paycheck and I was itching to spend big. I browsed the beautiful Gibson guitars, the sweet Digital Recording Workstations, and all the other equipment they carry. Being that I play guitar, bass, and drums, my purchasing possibilities were endless. After booming through some bass lines, my eyes were drawn to the Accessories department. Then I saw it. I knew I had to have it. It’s red and silver packaging with the bold text reading: “Hosa” had my name all over it. The 1/8th in. to 1/4th in. adapter sat neatly beneath the plastic covering, and above the cardboard backing. I knew it was a financial splurge, but I couldn’t resist. When the clerk told me it was on sale for $2.49, I almost fainted. Then I came to my senses realizing that quality does not come cheap. After taking it home, I still know that it was worth every penny.

This unit performs better than any piece of hardware I own. After bringing it home I ran up to my room and attached it to my stereo and was amazed at its ease to use. I didn’t even need to use the instructions. The sound quality was amazingly better than my last adapter. I could actually hear the music. The adapter also stayed attached to my headphones, which was a very nice feature.

There was not a single thing that I did not like about this product. I was floored with it’s sheer appearance.

First of all, the hexagonal housing unit in the center is the best plastic design I have ever seen on an adapter. It’s shape provides for grip and plenty of room for it’s sodering. The “mushroom-tip” shape of the jacks allows the adapter to stay firmly planted in whatever device it is plugged into. The female end also supports the “mushroom-tip” technology and its no slip design. Thinking about what minds they must have in Hosa’s R&D department gave me chills.

Bottom line is, this adapter is the best on the market and cannot be beaten. I feel Hosa will have the market cornered in the next few quarters. I feel it holds the bar above competitors such as Sony and Panasonic. If there is anyone who has a need for a 1/8th in. to 1/4th in. adaptor, or any other adaptor for that matter; Hosa is the brand to buy.

Dane Pador rated this unit 5 on 2002-05-27.

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