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I found this guitar at Guitar Center used. I bought it for only 70 dollars. I repaired the bridge (someone had lost a saddle screw and put in a wrong one. I retapped the saddle and replaced the screw with the correct one. Then I set the guitar intonation and cleaned it up.

This guitar retails new for 249. They are made by Huntington guitars in Huntington Beach California, the same company that came out with the twisted neck guitars that are supposed to be ergonomically revolutionary. This guitar is a strat type but the neck has 3 tuners on each side. The bridge is a standard strat tremolo. The pickups are made by Lace - the maker of the Lace sensors popular on strats in the 80's. These are humbuckers. They provide an absolutely beautiful sound. Best humbucker pickups I ever played on any guitar. For the money this guitar is a real bargain. I cant get a lousy sound out of it, and I am only an amatuer player with limitted talent. The guitar is extremely light, the neck is shorter than a strat neck and it plays very easily. In fact, I own about 17 guitars from strats to G&Ls and this is one of my best sounding and playing instruments. If I get a chance to pick up another I will. If you find one, grab it. For a low priced instrument, it is really different and sweet sounding.

I like the whole thing. It really has nothing not to like about it.

Very light weight. Quality of construction is on par with the squire series by Fender which is very adequate.

If you see one of these little sweet guitars grab one for yourself.

1946dodge rated this unit 5 on 2004-12-20.

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