Hybrid Cases Roadie ATA Heavy Duty 6 Space Rack Special Case Reviews 1

ebay=120$ usa i read a product description on ebay and thought it would be a very nice case. i was very very wrong.

the unit is mis represented on there website and ebay, they claim that it is constructed with 1/4" plywood when it is in fact constructed with a 3/16" luan lightweight material. the case is flimsy, poor construction, and not at all what you would expect after reading there product descritpion. i like nothing about it, it is already warped after 1 day without mounting anything in it. i am pursuing other action against them for a refund as they will not reply or talk to there customers after the point of sale.

i dont like the fact that the company claims it to be a heavy duty case constructed with 1/4" plywood and it is most definetly a lightweight luan material instead. the "heavy duty" case is a joke, you will not like it. i also dont like the cost, or the fact that the retailer sells them on there website for twice what they list them on ebay for brand new. sellers representatives are rude and immature.

the actual quality is poor poor poor. the inside where the rivets are driven through arent finished and are left looking terrible, all blown apart, and not burred or sanded. the luan is so flimsy that the aluminum and the luan have seperated in one day and look warped. if you are thinking of putting anything of any value in there, dont, this case would make a nice trash pail, or perhaps a hat. but nothng of value should ever be stored in there.

the company will not stand behind there product if you are not satisfied. they will also lash out and post negative things about anyone who dares complain. they mis represent the item in its product description and when asked about it will tell you that since most people dont complain that you should just be quiet and take what you get. a terrible company in terms of customer care and service. ive seen other negative reviews on this item and on ebay there are over 60 complaints against this company, i fell for it, dont you. never ever buy anything from them, tell yoru friends, with all the reputable companies out there selling actual heavy duty ata cases, never look twice at these cheap imatations.

disgusted costomer rated this unit 1 on 2003-11-09.

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