Ibanez AE18TRS Transparent Red Sunburst Reviews 5

I first saw this guitar at my local guitar store, and ordered a brand new one from the factory through the store, for about $420,plus $100 for the hardshell case. I saw this guitar and thought it was one of the most beautiful guitars i've ever seen. it plays just as well as my electric and after that, i just had to have it.

I love how it plays, the rosewood fretboard sounds and feels nice. The Neck is a perfect width for using my thumb, which i do at mass. It also has a very comfortable shape. It sounds very nice too. the fishman amp in it is also extremely good. ohyeah, the color also attracts many a girl, and comments from everyone.

nothin' i hate about it really, sometimes, the high strings twang or sound weird, but its still on the factory setup,and i do play the hell out of it.

Its very well constructed, i've played very few guitars i've liked more than this one, it sounds well, the wood sounds beautiful, the finish never picks away although all the scratches i've put in it and its color still shines beautifully even when i don't polish it.

beautiful guitar, worth every dollar. . even a little more. only other acoustics i'd rather have would be a gibson, or guild. but this is perfect, especially for my style of playing. not to big, not too thin to feel weird. comfortable, and easy to play. you should get your hands on one.

Roderick De Jesus rated this unit 5 on 2002-12-08.

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