Ibanez AE30TVS Reviews 4

I bought this guitar at my local Guitar Center for approximately $450 in April 2003.

This is my first new acoustic since I bought an Ovation Balladeer in 1980. I loved this guitar right off the rack. It has a very bright and active sound. The neck is extremely easy to play. But when you plug this baby into a PA, that's when it really shines. It EQs great, the phaser on/off switch gives nice different sounds, and the shape control is nice to mess with- from real flat for finger picking to lots of shape for percussive chording. Besides, the violet maple color is scheme along with gold tuners looks great and goes over well in Minnesota Vikings country.

Very little. It does seem to have a little difficulty staying in tune over long periods of time. Also, despite the low E being in rock solid tune based on a tuner, it sometimes sounds a little off. Maybe it's my ear, or the strings, but it is really very minimally off if at all.

So far everything is holding up great. If it can hold up as well as my plastic Ovation has over 20 years, I'll be extremely happy.

A very nice, easy to play guitar. Sounds very nice unplugged, and great when plugged in. If you are looking for quality at a reasonable price, check this one out.

Doctor Pete rated this unit 4 on 2003-05-31.

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