Ibanez AEL20ETRS Reviews 5

I'm a profesionall guitarist with over 15 years of studio and live performance experience and I have to tell you that out of all the acoustic/electric guitars I've ever played the AEL20ETRS is by far the best i've ever used, not to mention the most beautiful (I have the red sunburst).

I bought this guitar immediately after playing it at Samash in NY. It was only $350.00 which is a steal considering the quality of the guitar.

I like everything about it.

I wish it had better fret board inlays.

The sound is warm and clear. The action is nice and low and the pickup and on board tuner are perfect.

If you love to play the guitar and would like an inexpensive A/E then this is the guitar for you. Both professionals and beginners will love it! Do yourself a favor, buy it!!

Warren Lewis rated this unit 5 on 2006-01-30.

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