Ibanez AW50CE Reviews 3

I bought this acoustic electric guitar at Gills Music after trading in my taylor baby acoustic. I traded the TBA and paid $300 cash to buy this one. I needed iut because in my guitar class i couldn't hear myself over everyone else

I like the fact that it's louder, and is great for folk style fingerpicking. It's very mellow and has awesome tone with brand new martin light strings. It's durable (has survived two college semesters of brutal use.

Unfortunaately, I have small hands and the neck is extra thick which makes some songs harder to play. Some of the strings buzz and it is not good for strumming. Also the strings have to be replaced every 3 months.

While good overall, the neck is a bit too think for people with small hands, and the electronics were not properly installed. It is very durable and is a good workhorse guitar.

Whiel not the best,, this guitar is durable and is good for poor students like me, who need a workhorse guitar, one that isn't too expensive, works relatively well, AND LASTS. I must also pont out that I am biased and have worked with higher quality guuitar such as taylors and gibsons, so i pay high lip standards.

David G. rated this unit 3 on 2001-08-16.

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