Ibanez Concord Hummingbird Copy Reviews 5

This is a review for the Ibanez Concord. These models have a 3 digit model number. I believe the one I owned was a 700 series, 739 sounds familiar, but I could be crazy. Either way, this guitar was a beautiful copy of a Gibson Hummingbird. The scale was a little smaller. Picture a Big Baby Taylor with a Dread body. It instantly became a 'couch guitar' the guitar that sits out all day and gets strummed by everyone who stops by. The all comment on how sweet it is and offer you a kidney if they can take it home. Mine was a beautiful cherry sunburst with pearloid block inlays.

I found this at a vintage guitar shop in Cleavland Ohio. The finish had 'clouded' heavily on the back, common with some of these guitars, so the instrument's collectability wasn't great, but hey it's a 40 year old guitar. (Mine was a 1976) With original purple plush case, I paid $300 for it.

Played like a dream! It had two set screws that allowed you to adjust the action. The scale of the guitar reminded me of a Les Paul. The mids barked like a dog! I have some recordings and this guitar just screams out the notes of the chords on rhythm tracks.

None whatsoever. It played and sounded beautiful.

Well built. I am going to guess mahogany body. Rosewood fretboard. Nothing crazy your standard acoustic guitar. But well built and real wood, not like the run of the mill junk on the market today.

A guitar if you picked up you would not want to put down! Great midrange. Plenty of friends tracked rhythm parts with this acoustic.

Billy rated this unit 5 on 2011-01-16.

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