Ibanez Euphoria EP 7 Reviews 1

I'm a blues singer and guitar/slide player

Bought it because I had some money burning in my pocket, bought at Sound Garden Manchester.

Very good looking guitar, very nice to get on with (unplugged)

Where do I start, this has got be the worst sounding 800 guitar I have ever played. Steve Vai must have been on some strong substances to let this one pass his inspection, it clunks the treble is rubbish there is no sweet tones any where - I have had it 18 months it is now tuned to open E for slide and on it's last warning. I'm even to embarrased to sell it on, why should some poor musician end up with this mongrel - I think Ibanez should recall them all and give every one their money back. An for the pre amp and pick up The B Band right name definitly B movie grade!!! I put it through a Fishman Pre Amp and it still sounded crap, it's just a badly thought out guitar.

Very dodgy paint work, the lightest knock and you end up with a white ding,this I suppose is the undercoat - my EP 7 looks really battered and is no good at all if you are gigging it. Tip dont gig it any way, rip out the pre amp and pick up and use as an acoustic guitar.

Stay Away From This Piece Of Junk No Matter What!!!

Gordon Wride rated this unit 1 on 2008-01-16.

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