Ibanez IJAE5 Acoustic-Electric Guitar Pack Reviews 4

I'm not really a musician although I've played a little guitar and piano through the years. It's my son that this was for and I was really pleased with the product so I decided to write a review.

Bought this through the Musician's Friend catalog for $199.99. It was for a birthday present for my son who has been asking for the longest time for us to help him learn how to play guitar. He's into a lot of the new music these days but has always been into old acoustic classics like Wild Horses by the Rolling Stones and Every Rose Has A Thorn by Poison. Because of this we figured we'd start him on an acoustic first.

First of all the price. This is a really nice package for the beginning guitarist. It comes with a nice black acoustic electric guitar, a small amplifier, a gig bag, straps, picks, a guitar cord, and spare strings. ALL OF THIS FOR UNDER $200!! Although I'm not real knowledgeable about guitars, this was the perfect gift for my son. So much better than getting one of those cheap First Act kits at Walmart or something.

There's not a whole lot to not like about the package, except maybe the only color it came in was black. The amp seems to be a little under powered and distorts sometimes, but that may be just because he is turning it up a little loud.

He's had this for about 6 months now and has not put it down. Aside from breaking the occasional string, the guitar, amp, and gig bag have held up great.

Overall, I think this is a great package for a great price. I think Ibanez has put together something that many people should consider for Christmas if they know someone that would like to get started. What a great little package that is very economical in these hard times.

David\'s Dad rated this unit 4 on 2008-11-09.

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