Ibanez JX70 Reviews 5

well, i was looking for a nice looking acoustic with a good sound, and didnt have enough money for a taylor, and i stumbled upon this beauty at Pearson Music for $320.

Great Feel, nice midrange, really easy to play too. the pickup is pretty nice but i usually play unplugged so i havent really gotten to experiment with the pickup system. equipped with Martin SP Lights, this guitar plays likea dream. and, it looks good. its glossy, dark green color really stands out and makes it look great, its light, and really comfortable. stays in tune for a long time also

well theres nothing i dont like about the JX70, i love it to death and would never trade anything for it. although if i wanted to be picky id say the only thing i would want on it would be a strap pin on teh neck

looks nice, its sturdy, but its glossy finish is sometimes hard to clean, but if you take care of it, its beautiful.

its different from any other guitar out there, and plays like a dream. you get even more for your money with this one.

Shoopuffman rated this unit 5 on 2002-07-06.

I Bought this at stothers music and hi-fi. i got it realy cheap cause it had a scratch on the back on the head but i dont care cause it sounds so good and you never see it anyway.

i like it cause of the electric guitar feel in an acoustic. it's really easy to play and i love the sound its different to a full body acoustic (it's a stage guitar) but i love the sound of it

There isn't really anything about it that i dont like except sometimes the body, as it's a very high gloss gets dirty and i seem forever cleaning it but i guess that thats nothin to complain about and when im home it dosent really matter about lookin good only when you go out to perform and then it really shines

The quality is very good i've had no problems whatsoever with it. the neck is like that of an electric guitar and i'm really pleased with the playability of it.

All in all this is an unreal guitar and i'd never change it for anything except a maton. Its well worth the money and youll have years and years of enjoyment out of it

Tom Hammer rated this unit 5 on 2002-01-15.

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