Ibanez PF4CE-NT-14-01 Reviews 3

I bought it at Sam Ash in Rivergate, TN and I got it as my first "good" guitar. It's the acoustic/electric style cutaway. I paid about $230-$240.

Well I liked the sound a lot it was suprising a good sound for a small price. The action was not far off the fret board at all. It has a nice wood stain clear coat as well.

The pick-up isn't the greatest but gets the job done.

It's a pretty solid guitar. So far the only problem was the bridge wasn't glued go so it started pelling of but I was under the warranty so got it fixed for free.

Overall for $230 it's a great guitar and I'm sure the poor gluing job is just an isolated incident. So I would recommend it over many other $230 guitars.

Brian Moore rated this unit 3 on 2003-11-13.

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