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Purchased this guitar as part of a beginner pack at a local music store after vigorous compare shopping for $189.00. Came in a beginner pack including a gig-bag, extra stings, picks, beginners tab book, chord sheet, picks, beginner video with Andy Timmons, electronic tuner (good one!) and strap. The gig bag is really nice, so the pack was worth getting for that alone. I am a beginner, just been playing on an old banger (hand-me-down) for a couple of weeks and it had had it. Was time for newer one.

Has great action, especially for a beginner with underdevelopped calloses. Really easy on the fingers. The salesman was a classical player and compared it to some Washburns and Alvarez's with a solid spruce top, and you could barely tell the difference, it was not a difference that would be worth an extra $75.00 for a beginner. So, for all of the beginner guitars under $220.00, this one by far sounded the best of all the stores I went to.

Nothing as of yet, we'll see as time takes its toll and I become a better player.

Looks like your typical accoustic guitar. Glossy finish that looks great. Laminated spruce top, mohogany back, sides and neck with rosewood bridge and fretboard. SOLID chrome tuners. Great action, if you like it low, but fully adjustable. Overall, a great looking instrument considering the price paid.

Like I said before, for as good as this one sounds, it's a steal, especially for all of the goodies it came with. The whole package was labeled on the box as the "Jampack" by Ibanez™. So, if you are a beginner, and looking for a economy starter, get yourself one of these babies...You will not be disappointed!

Tebo78 rated this unit 5 on 2003-06-29.

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