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I paid $280 for this guitar at the Guitar Center. I was previously using a guitar that I had to use a pickup in. But I needed a good electric/acoustic to lead worship at my youth group. In comparison with all other electric/acoustics in my price range, this one had the best pickup, and a cutaway, and that helped a lot with the decision.

It sounds great plugged in!! I like just about everything about the guitar. Looks very nice too.

Nothing that can't be adjusted or aligned. The guitar Center doesn't set up their guitars. Just sells them, unless you ask them to adjust them. Play the guitar for a while and check every string on every fret for anything that you don't like. don't just play one key and make up your mind.

So far I like it. I feel good playing this guitar. It looks great. Maybe we are just a good fit. The acoustics are great, the shape is great. I like this guitar.

If you have the money, spend it. You get what you pay for. If you don't, get this guitar. The list price is $400. Oh and did I tell you? I like this guitar.

James rated this unit 4 on 2002-08-11.

i bought this guitar at a Guitar Center for 250 dollars

This is my first guitar so i will be giving a pretty elementry review of the product. but that just might help some of you that are begining aspiring guitarist. so the over all feel and texture of the guitar is fair. the sound i think is pretty good both plugged in and not. i think that this is a pretty good buy for the low price range its in.

the fret board and string alignment could be betterthe action is fair but could be lowered. the plug-in aspect is a bit off. it take a few seconds for the mixer, amp, tuner to pick up the sound.

the guitar is of good quality not best. the construction is fair.

for my first guitar i really like this guitar. i would recommend this guitar to a begining level player. however for the more advanced player it might not serve as a good instrument.

joshua rated this unit 3 on 2002-02-18.

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