Ibanez PF5CE-NT-14-01 Ibanez Performance Reviews 1

My dad got this guitar new at guitar center for aprox. $100.

Very good deal definently worth $100. sounds like a $300 guitar.

It was not carfully put together.

Some parts of this guitar was put together very poorly. The bridge pins were jammed in as far as they could go. (I have to reach inside the guitar and push them out to change strings) When it is plugged in it does not pick up the 6th string, I have brought it in about 3 times to get it fixed it worked the last time but I had to bring it back to get a new saddle because it was too low, (by fault of the factory) and now it won't pick up the sixth string again. The tuners were not well oiled and are very stiff. The frets stick out a bit from the fretboard and they hurt when you slide up the neck. The logo on the headstock looks very cheap.

They put about $100 in to this guitar.I have heard better reviews of this guitar when people paid more for them. Whoever was puting this guitar together must have been in a hurry. When its played acousticly it does sound good. It's worth trying to fix the problems. When it comes to guitars, you get what you pay for. Don't feel bad if you paid more for this guitar, it was probably made better.

Joe rated this unit 1 on 2004-01-08.

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