Ibanez TCY10TBS Reviews 5

I recieved the guitar at a store in town for about $220. The reason i bought it was i was a little tight on cash and it was a pretty nice looking guitar. After taking it home and playing it a bit more i was blown away by the depth of the sound this thin body acoustic gave off. The sound was deep clear and crisp all at once; furthermore the neck was very comfortable. Ibanez made this guitar to feel like and electric but play like an acoustic and they hit the nail on the head.

The deep clear sound it gives of is great. It plays all the way up and down the neck, something not very common for acoustics.

I have to beef about this guitar. However my friend purchased the same model and within a month the plugin fell right into the body, but hey that doesnt hurt me none.

It is a pretty light guitar some it feels fragile but it really isn't. I've turned around quickly a couple of times and accidentally smacked it on something and nothing, no tuning problems, no dents.

I think its a great purchase for the price. It is an electric acoustic so, i can be versitile if hooked up to the correct amp, but i simply prefer to put a mic infront of the guitar and go.

Tanner rated this unit 5 on 2003-12-20.

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