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I was in a local music store in Yuma,AZ USA. When I was looking at the Bass Guitars, I wasn't looking to by anything new. Just checking out the market and comparing prices. I picked up the bass, and was looking at it. Then I looked at the price. I quickly put it back on the stand. The tag read 599.00. The music store worker wasn't to informative about the bass, But he told me that there was a 30% OFF sale on all Ibanez gear in the store. I told him that it was still to high and I would not pay that much for it. He then asked me what I would pay for that Bass Guitar. I told hiom that I would not pay over 400.00. He then left, made a phone call and came back to me about 10 minutes later. He made me an offer I could not refuse. The salesman told me that he would sell that Ibanez SR400 for 400.00 if I paid the sales tax. I told him that it was a deal and went to the counter. I walked away with an excellent bass guitar for 432.00.

The Ibanez SR400 I bought was in Vintage Blue. The bass has EQB-III (SR/EBD) controls, wich is a Bass Boost/Cut, a Mid Boost/Cut, and a Treble Boost/Cut. Plus a Balance and Volume control. these are all on the Bass, Most Basses have just the Volume and Tone or Balance adjustments. So when you are in the middle of playing you can adjust from the bass and you don't even have to touch the amp as often as you normaly would. This bass has two staggerd dxp neck pick-ups and a dxj pick-up near the bridge. The playability of this bass is great, and sounds solid and can be used to play a wide variety of music. The neck is what makes this bass. The neck is narrow and fast. This bass is great for experienced player all the way down to the beginner. No matter if your fingures are short and stubby or long skeleton type. This bass is fast.

The only thing I can think of that I don't like about this bass. Is that if the price wasn't right, Then I would never have purchased it. I am not that good at bass. I have been playing for about 4 years and I can't see myself paying over 450.00 for a Bass guitar at my level of playing.

The Ibanez SR400 has a narrow neck and 24 Frets, the frets are medium, wich offers more fret board sound and easier note bending. The body is made out of Light American Maple, wich is gives a strong solid sound, and is light wieght compared to most basses. The Paint is covered by a very hard clear coat that can with stand alot of playing and will last for long time if taken care of like all instruments. The bridge offers easy string changes, and with the single screw saddle height adjustment offers better stability than the standard double screws designs. There are 3 pick-ups. All 3 are passive. 2 are Dxp neck pick-ups, and 1 is a DXJ bridge pick-up. All are made to be played with or without the EQ's Finally the EQ, The SR400 has the EQB-III wich is a 3-band active EQ and offers quick adjustment and accents well with the passive pick-ups.

The SR400 is the one best Bass guitars that I have ever played, Fortunatly I was able to purchase this one. It is of great quality and will purr like a kitten if you want it to. Or it can slam like a lion if that is the type of music you are into. This bass can play it all. If the price is right, then you can't go wrong with this bass.

Doogie rated this unit 4 on 2002-12-24.

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