Ibanez Classical Acoustic Electric Guitar Reviews 4

I acquired this guitar from a local dealer after trying it at various other dealers around. I like this hybrid guitar as it is an accoustic electric classical guitar. The guitar w/ case sells around $350.

I like the ease of playing it as it has nylon strings, the fretboard is narrower than a traditional classical guitar, & it has a nice mellow sound through my Marshall acoustic combo amp. Also, it has a solid top with Fishmen pick-up & a good finish. It is also smaller in size vs. full size accoustic quitars & lightweight allowing me to play it for longer periods of time without fatigue.

There were two things I did not care for with regards to this instrument & they are: 1. The tangerine color top is not my favorite color. (However, I am getting use to it.) 2. The strings were set to high from the fretboard by the mfg. I adjusted the neck & resolved this.

The guitar appears to be good quality and should last for many years as I am careful with handling it & tend to baby it by cleaning & polishing it frequently.

Bottom Line: If you want the feel & playability of an accoustic electric guitar with the feel & sound of a classical guitar this is it at a reasonable price.

Jim M. rated this unit 4 on 2003-09-05.

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