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Got it used off ebay for $450 CAD, ordered from Vegas. I don't know if there are other models like this one out there, but if there are, here's the review.

Although I wasn't the one to customize this model, I do know that Ibanez does not (currently) make the S470 with trans red finish or fixed bridge equipped like this one is. I love how light and thin it is! I'm able to move more freely on stage because of that, unlike the Strat. The body is still solid mahogany, so the tone doesn't seem to be any less than any other guitars I've played, dispite it's thinness. The V2 humbuckers seem to have a lot more tonal balance than the single coils equipped on Strats do. Also, because I often tune to alternate tunings on the fly, the fixed bridge that this unit came with suited my needs perfectly, as the usuall Floyd Rose makes tuning a pain. It's also one of the nicest looking guitars I've ever seen. People I don't even know compliment me on it in music stores.

The low E seems to rattle against the frets when strummed even a little hard or pitch-shift even when I don't bend it up. This could probably be attributed to the fact that my strings are a little higher guage and that I am almost always tuned to Open D, which loosens that string considerably.

Very well made, nice low action, and the finish is beautiful. This guitar wouldn't have lasted more than a day in any store before someone bought it. And the fact that a lot of beginners start out with this model, which doesn't help your stage reputation much...

I play metal, and this guitar works beautifully in the studio and on stage. By far the nicest sounding guitar I've ever played (including the Fender Stratocaster and excluding the PRS CE22). It's a good idea to customize the S470 model because, due to it's ease of use and affordable price, it's almost too popular.

Jared M rated this unit 5 on 2004-08-21.

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