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These guitars are one of the very best secrets in the music world, alongside a number of old Ibanez ones. Incredible craftsman ship that rivals many of todays Fenders, yet they go used for stupidly cheap. Its just a struggle of finding the one you want, like I said, there are a number of different models, some better than the others. But in this... [read more on Audiofanzine]

denied rated this unit 4 on 2011-05-17.

I play bass and electric six string and I've been playing for a little under six years. I've been in 3 Metal bands but I like about any music that has great guitar work in it.

My friend came to me one day telling me he needed some money and he was selling this Ibanez. He told me 50 dollars or best offer. Long story short he excepted the 50 dollars and i walked away with a not too shabby guitar.

The action is extraordinary compared to other guitars I've played. The original pick-ups were satisfactory but no L-500XL's.

After about a year of playing i decided that this guitar needed a make over. I ordered some Bill Lawerence L-500XL pickups to make it sound more "Hot". The tremlo present is an old style Floyd Rose that doesn't hold tune at all but without a whammy bar it really doesn't matter. The single coils I rarely use but are about the most horrible sound I've ever heard. The pot for the volume was removed because it wasn't smooth on increase and and replaced by a dual action volume/tone pot (because there is only one pot) and the toggle was destroyed over time by brutal countless metal shows and was also replaced.

A three piece body (I think) gives it less sustain but with the new equipment that is the least of my worries. The neck is great and true with little dicrepencies. Overall this Cream colored beauty is a master piece of Ibanez products and deserves (in my opinion) a spot back on the producttion lines.

All in all it was more how well this particular guitar was taken care of that made it such a crap piece. But after some much needed TLC and hardware change-up it is a guitar I would kill for.

Nick rated this unit 4 on 2008-01-10.

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