Ibanez 1990 Roadstar II Series Reviews 4

a friend of mine was selling a guitar for $400 and i bought it from him. he jus told me it was an older guitar and an ibanez.

i love the sound of this thing. it's real clear and sweet. umm this is a different model of roadstar seeing how it only has 2 sets of double humbukers and the humbucks actually have their own separte volume knobs which i like. the neck is like my fender and i love it ebony all the way. the tremolo system is SUPER old as they don't make the kind i have anymore BUT it is the best tremolo i've seen and it stays in perfect tune. everythings great about this guitar.

i wish it looked like an rg but, meh, who cares it's still great. also one of the switches doesn't work but that's fine i'm getting it fixed

since i got this thing second hand there were a few dents but that's okay...i bought it for $400 and the local musicstop wants to buy it from me for $3000 SO i'm gona to hold on to this thing if it's worth that much. it's built to last and it's awesome. the neck it real sturdy and a bolt on which i like. and the locking nuts aren't at the nut which i like.

real good guitar i give it a 4.5 but i can only put a 4...i round down hahahaha. if you want a older guitar then this is the one to buy. great guitar and i'm glad i bought it.

Adam Jenner rated this unit 4 on 2002-06-25.

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