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Guitar Center $369, but it was a Christmas gift from my wife, a wonderful babe.

This guitar is a great buy for the price. I have looked at a number of Chinese instruments to use out, instead of knocking around my Guild Manhattan. This guitar fills the need well both tonallyand neckwise. It is comfortable to play and switch to from my others, plus, the tremelo can be fun to use. Neck is fairly smooth, fingerboard well finished. The pickups are fine for what I play, jazz, blues and some country style. It is a light instrument, the hollow body is thin I have the trans blue and the finish is well done.

So far, all very good. Small detail. The edge of the neck on the side where I use my thumb isn't as well rounded as on my other guitars, so I notice it a little, but very minor issue. I don't play with much crunch, so I haven't asked much of the tailpiece pickup. It might be a little tame for some players.

The finish, fit and detailing of the guitar are all good. Neck is smooth, fingerboard well finished. I have looked at comparable guitars from othe manufacturers and found them to be of noticeably lesser finish quality. Not sure how it is done for this price, but I would imagine that the craftsmen in China aren't making much.

For the price, mind you it is not a high end instrument, this is a great guitar. If you want to try out a hollowbody, or want something to take out so that you aren't freaked out if it gets bumped around, buy this model or one of the other Artcores. They are well worth the money, and different models have different features. Some have wider bodys, some semi-hollow, and some with or without tremelo. I can recommend this one without reservation. I have played a number of different kinds of hollowbody and semi-hollowbody instruments, found new Gibsons disappointing, and feel that the AF75-T is well worth its price. If you are considering this guitar, DO IT!!

PAWWAP rated this unit 5 on 2004-12-26.

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