Ibanez AS 73-TCR Reviews 5

I actually purchased this guitar this year brand new for $280.00 and the reason I bought it was because it just stood out "Big Time" on the rack at the music store and the price was just to nice to let pass me by.

What I love about this guitar is: It stays pretty consisently in tune,the wood grain & finish is remarkable,I like the feel of it and the action and I truly enjoy all the compliments I get night after night of my fans in the audience telling me how beautiful my guitar looks and sounds.

The only thing that was not so great was the fret edges were a little sharp when I purchased it but no big deal,I just smoothed them out.

This guitar should be priced way higher easily because this thing is superbly built and the woods,binding,p/u's,tuners,wiring are topnotch.I've owned many many pricy guitars and this 1 to me is right up there 100% w/ the best.

I must admit that this is the 1st in-expensive guitar that I've ever purchased that is top of the line built,sound,feel,looks.Honestly,this guitar is well worth owning and it wouldn't surprise me at all if this guitar becomes a collectible,years from now.......

Gary rated this unit 5 on 2004-10-26.

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