Ibanez AS-80 Vintage Bronze Reviews 5

Gitar Center San Jose Ca 199.00 + 45.00 for (used?)Gibson case. Memorial Day sale 2002, I was in the first 25 to get in. Grab this off the table and couldn't find any thing wrong with it. Asked the salesman what the deal was, he said it had a broken string, and a missing strap buttom which he would give me. I THOUGHT "WOW STRINGS SURE MUST BE EXPENSIVE." I said, "Let's hear it" thinking there was a problem with the electronics, but it sounded great.

I had been looking for an electric to compliment my acoustic. I wanted to get something for less than 200.00, which meant a DeArmond or very low end Epiphone. This guitar screamed, "pick me I'm the one." How could I refuse, the warranty card was with it as well. Looks great, color and quality excellent, feels great, very fast action, and sounds unbelievable.

This guitar feels heavy, but I haven't found any in the ES335 style that isn't. So it must be me. I just mark it up to solid construction. One thing that I have notice is the knobs seem slightly off center. They don't seem to turn straight or true to the shaff of the switch.

The construction is solid and very well done. The finish seems uniform and the clear top coat looks to be even in thickness. The edging is well defined and with out flaws.

The list on this guitar was around 700.00 and I just could let this go. It fits my desires perfectly. I don't play this guitar as often as I would like, it is easier to grab my acoustic Norman that is always sitting within arms reach. I am still looking for the deal of the century on an amplifier.

Mike K rated this unit 5 on 2005-05-27.

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