Ibanez AS73 Artcore Reviews 5

I purchased this guitar from a local music store ( Mark 1 Music ) in Deal, Kent. 200 including a good hardcase. Wasn't looking for a new instrument, only popped in for a chat. The Ibanez stood out on the display rack so gave it a go. Had to buy it there and then, it was such fun to play.

The styling looks great. A happy medium between tradition and contempory design.At least Ibanez have not just turned out another ES 335 clone. This guitar produces a set of real grown up tones. The bridge pick up loves the dirty stuff, while switching to the neck pick up mellows it all a little. Blues, soul, rock ect... it's all there..........

Not much to fault. Good looks, good sounds it's actually difficult to fault, however if i've got to fault it the only thing I could think of is if you are a jazz purest this may have a touch too much edge for your taste. However this is only my opinion so check it out anyway.

"Artcore" 22 small frets on the 24.75" set neck. Body is constructed from pressed laminate maple, with a solid mahogany block through the center. The guitar is fully bound (including the F holes)and the finish is flawless. Pick ups are Ibanez ACH1 & ACH2 units and provide full rounded, grown up, tones at all levels. All other hardware is Ibanez own design. Pots and switches all feel of good quality and should stand up to regular gigging, without giving you any hassle. All in, this guitar is execptionally well put together.

In the semi hollow guitar market, gibson have enjoyed the lion's share of the market with the tried and tested ES 335. If you have got to have a gibbo' then nothing else will do. But it's a hefty price to pay for "That Name", and a guitar your frightened to take to a pub gig !!!!! However if your ears and mind are open, the Ibanez AS73 is a "must check out guitar". In the far eastern guitar building stakes China have justed stepped up the ante (watch out Korea). This guitar totally belies it's price tag. A great looking and pro-sounding instrument built to a very, very high standard. Which shows it can be done at a fraction of the price. Keep looking over you shoulder Gibson, The pack is catching up !! I play in a couple of busy South Kent bands and undertake occasional session duties. as such I own a number of guitars covering the pricing spectrum. The Ibanez is a bit of a favorite, and holds it's own in some esteemed company. Well Done All At Ibanez !!!!!!!!!!

Darrell rated this unit 5 on 2005-02-14.

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